Welcome to Online Photoshop!

Welcome to my new journey


I have been playing around with graphics programs for 10 years now.  I started my journey with a program called Paint Shop Pro 8 10 years ago.  Time really flies when you are having fun.  I have loved computers since I was a teenager.  Back then I wanted to become a computer programmer and went to college for programming until I had 10 classes left and my life changed.  I started having kids and college wasn’t a priority anymore.

While surfing the internet one day I read about a graphics program and my love for programming faded and I started to love all of the things that you could do with digital graphics.  I haven’t thought about programming since.

I started learning about Web Design and I went back to college and graduated with an Associates Degree in Web Technologies.  I love all things related to building websites and graphics.

I decided to build a website to keep all of my resources in one place.  I hope that my website will start a love for Adobe Photoshop in  you like I have in me.

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