Video Tutorial/How To Remove Background Around Lots Of Hair Photoshop CS3

It is a very common thing in Photoshop to extract an image from background. Generally we use Pen tool, Magic Wand or Quick Selection tool to select the image and cut it from background. But when a mode with waving hair appears it is tough to manage the hair. The portion of hair becomes hard or unnatural after cut out. Now I’m Trying to show how it can be managed.
Here we find an image of a girl standing on a white background. First make a copy of the layer by pressing (CTRL+ J). Now select the Quick Selection Tool. Select the background. In time of selection it is found some portion of background is not selected. Add id by pressing Shift. Some portion should be extracted from selection by pressing Alt. Now the background is selected. Press Ctrl + Shift + I (Inverse Selection) to select figure. Now press Ctrl + J (Layer via Copy). The figure came out from background in a separate layer. Take a new layer beneath the figure layer and fill it with Red (May be other color too). Now come to the background-copy layer beneath the red layer. Drag it over the red layer and select the layer mode multiply. You will find the image with all its soft flying hair on red background.
Now take an adjustment layer of Hue Saturation over red layer and change the background color as you like. The image will remain same.
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