Tutorial Basics! Photoshop Keyboard Short Cuts!

Don’t forget to watch this in HD, it will probably make the keyboard easier to see.

I am using Photoshop CS5 on a windows computer. A lot of these shortcuts should work on older photoshops and definitely in the newer one. If you are using a MAC, instead of pressing the CTRL key, you would use the Command key instead.

I didn’t cover all the shortcuts. Just the ones I most commonly use. And even then. I forgot a couple from my notes.
I’m doing these tutorial videos as a way to help my verbal confidence and ability to explain things. I will try to cut down on my umms next time. also wow I said bomb diggity without any level of irony. I’m sorry.

Hope this helps anyone!

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Music credit [Ambient] Nomyn – Infinity

Quick Nav:
1:00 – Brush and Eraser tool

2:10 – Selection Tools Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand

3:50 – Moving selections with CTRL, ALT, and Shift keys

5:26 – Rotate Tool

6:00 – Color pickup, swap, and b/w default commands

6:40 – Change Opacity and Flow values

7:18 – F5, F6, F7 to access panels

8:22 – Undo

9:09 – Save, Save As , Save As for Web and Devices

9:55 – Open, Close, New Doc

10:18 – Layer control shortcuts – Merging with the E button

13:33 – Layer group and clipping with the G button

14:21 – Image and Canvas adjustment

14:50 – Adjustment dialogue shortcuts

16:45 – Preferences Shortcut (Undo/History state adjustment)

17:25 – Units, Rulers, Guidelines

18:00 CTRL+Y changes to CMYK mode and can affect colors, watch out yo

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