Separate an Image from Background using pen tool in Photoshop bangla tutorial part 01

In this tutorial I will show you two of my favourite ways of removing backgrounds from image in Adobe Photoshop CC. The first way is using the Magic Wand Tool this way really works best for images with a more simple background e.g one plain colour as shown in the video. This way is very quick to do, were as the second way using the Polygonal Lasso Tool works well with more complex backgrounds, but can will take a lot longer to do. Remember using the Refine Edge setting can make a big difference in how the cut out image looks.
the full solution of photoshop program. part one is here. here i am show that how to separate image from background.
Select the Freeform Pen tool from the Toolbox (clicks and holds down on the pen tool if it’s not immediately visible.)
Creating a Path
Use the Freeform Pen to draw a rough outline around the object. (Make sure you have the “Paths” option at the top left of the screen selected.) Generally err on the side of cutting into the image rather than leaving a gap.
Use Ctrl+Click to manipulate the points, and drag their “arms” around to change the curve. To insert a new point, just click on the line.
When you’ve finished, right-click the line, and click Make Selection. This turns your line into a selection.

Removing the background
Cut out your object and paste it into a new layer. (Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V) You can then replace your background layer with whatever you want.
Save this file in .psd format.


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