Photoshop Tutorials – Minimal Tree shape Infographic

Welcome to Photoshop beginner Minimal Infographic design by TutorialWebDesign.

Here at Tutorial Web Design, We will teach you how you can design minimal Infographic design in Photoshop.

Category: Photoshop Tutorials
Version : Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS6
Level : Beginner, Intermediate
Subject : Minimal Tree Shape Infographic Design in Photoshop.

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Steps to follow
1. Welcome to TutorialWebDesign
2. First of all give some background color to your file. Double click on layer and choose color overlay and select color of your choice.
3. Select soft brush tool, increase size, color white and add white brush stroke on layer.
4. Select ellipse tool and create circle. Fill the circle with any color you want.
5. Create small box in the same layer in which you have designed the circle. You have to combine both shapes circle and rectangle. Before designing the box choose combine shapes from top options. Do this step again to create leaf like shape in photoshop.
6. Once your leaf shape is ready, create multiple copies of this shape and apply different colors on it.
7. Create one more rectangle and align these leaf shapes around this long rectangle.
8. Add icons, percentage, and text with each leaf shape.
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