Photoshop comic coloring tutorial: Planning your pages!

In this video, I’ll show you an example of how I plan my pages out ahead of time. It’s important for storytelling and often overlooked in coloring tutorials. Story by Amy Chu (POISON IVY, WONDER WOMAN, GIRLS NIGHT OUT). Line art by Isaac Goodhart (POSTAL) For the FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE MIX TAPE anthology.

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Here’s the color picker I use now (MagicPicker): (get a off by clicking here)

Here’s the new version of the tablet I use here:

If you’re looking for a good one for beginners, try this one:


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

New to digital coloring techniques and/or my tutorial videos? Start here! It’s “The Basics!” (pardon my “um’s.” It was early on in my YT career!) 🙂

How do I do that thing where I stay in the lines? Watch this.

What software are you using?
Photoshop CC but it doesn’t matter what version use for most things.

What recording software do you use?
Camtasia Recorder 8

What digital tablet do you use?
For most videos, a twelve-year old Wacom Intuos2. When I want to color away from my desk, a Wacom Cintiq Companion. These Photoshop techniques work on any tablet though.

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