PEN TOOL Photoshop Tutorials 03: Pen Tool. Creating, Selecting & Activating Paths

PEN TOOL Photoshop Tutorials show how to use Photoshop’s Pen Tool. PEN TOOL FORMULA & Pen Tool Basics.

Starting out with the Pen Tool and creating your first Path. This Pen Tool tutorial will serve as a foundation learning Photoshop.

Pen Tool Photoshop Tutorials – Mastering how to use Photoshop made easy. Start with advanced Pen Tool techniques for a high quality Transparent Background as either Clipping Path or Layer Mask. Learn these Pro Retouch tips for free from a professional.

The Pen Tool can be difficult at first but with this series of Simple Step by Step Tutorials and Exercise Files you’ll be able to Master a key Tool in Photoshop and branch out from that skill.

Pen Tool Photoshop Tutorials are recommended for Beginners. They are the exact foundation training provided to industry professions starting out their career to become High End Retouch artists for commercial clients.

Nowhere else on YouTube or will you learn the actual way the Pen Tool is meant to be used with accuracy and speed, a Retouch Artists Secret. The Tutorials take you from Introduction through to Practical Application. Creating a Path, saving as a JPG with a Clipping Path or TIF with a Transparent Background as a Layer Mask.

Each tutorial includes an explanation of the process and gives you an understanding of why, in the right hands, the Pen Tool really is one of Adobe Photoshop’s most powerful tools.

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Pen Tool Photoshop Tutorials: Course Outline

1. Select the Pen Tool: Press p
2. Creating a new Path Option 1: Select New Path from the Paths Panel fly out menu or press the new path button
3. Creating a new Path Option 2: If you start clicking a Pen Tool Work Path will automatically be created. It’s a good idea to double click on the Work Path straight away to save it as a Path (Work Paths can easily be overridden)
4. Selecting a Path: Click on a Path in the Paths Palette then CTRL/⌘ + Click near the Path/Anchor, hold down the mouse button and drag over the Path
5. Activating a Path: Once the Path is selected, with the Pen Tool, Mouse Click directly on top of an Anchor at the end of a line
6. Deactivating a Path: CTRL/⌘ + Click anywhere in the image area
7. Drawing a straight line: Click and Hold down Shift to constrain the lines to 45-degree angles
8. Closing a Path: Mouse over the end Anchor until a small circle appears to the bottom right of the cursor and click

Enjoy the Tutorials and please leave feedback or questions.

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