How to Work with Collage Board Templates in Adobe Photoshop

In this video about “Collage Board Templates” – We are going to learn the basics of using these cool templates for Adobe Photoshop – a fantastic way to craft multi-photos compostions to place around your home or office.
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A fine selection of templates for Adobe Photoshop, which will help us to craft our way to masterpieces in a fast, easy manner with a professional quality outcome:

• Compatible with Photoshop Elements 6-14, Photoshop CS2-CS6 and Adobe Creative Cloud
• Works with both JPEG and RAW images
• Works on both Mac and PCs
• An easy-to-follow guide on how to use these Photoshop Templates
• You will have access to our private Help and Tutorial Facebook Groups

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Did you ever think of how to combine a large number of photographs with a fresh, modern and delicate design? It is not necessary to use a myriad of frames and photos printed in different sizes; at Sleeklens we thought of a solution to your needs.

Inspired by the needs of our customers, we have launched this new line of Templates for Photographers, fully editable in Adobe Photoshop. With our Collage Board Templates you will have all the resources to create beautiful compositions in just a few minutes – edit text, accommodate the images to your liking and ready to print!

Working on Clipping Mask method, you only need to position your image and follow the detailed steps to enjoy unique, inspiring compositions.

What are you waiting for to release your creative potential? Let the energy flow in you while Sleeklens does the hard work of post production in just a few seconds. Join the world where professionals decided to invest their time in improving the quality of their work; where all those dreams that you thought can become a reality in a couple of clicks away. Join the Sleeklens world!


Do not hesitate to ask for more information, we’re glad to help users on their way to becoming professional photographers.


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