How To: Make A Stream Overlay 2015 – Photoshop Tutorial

Predecessor to the 2014 “How To: Make A Stream Overlay – Photoshop Tutorial” this is a highly updated 2015 version. That video has 7,000 views that’s crazy!

Obviously I have learned a ton in a year. Instead of teaching you how to make a better stream overlay, I showed how to make your own editable stream overlay template.

This video is not perfect, I’ve tried remaking it 4 times but my $#@ing pc keeps messing it up so.I have fixed a lot of problems that you guys have had last video but if you have any let me know.

I try to upload weekly, quality over quantity!

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How To: Make A Custom Stream Overlay – Photoshop Tutorial
How To: Make A Custom Stream Overlay – Photoshop Tutorial
How To: Make Your Custom Stream Overlay – Photoshop Tutorial

Arthur Whitehead
Graphic Design

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