How To Make A Photo Collage in Photoshop | Collages Photoshop

This video tutorial shows how to make a photo collage in Photoshop. Visit for more in depth Photoshop tutorials.

Open the photo that you want to make the collage in Photoshop. If the image is locked click control J and this will put your image on a new layer. Delete the locked layer.

Create a new layer. Select the paint bucket tool and fill in the new layer with black. Drag the black layer to the bottom. Select the rectangle tool and on the image draw a rectangle where you would like the image for the collage to be; this will also create a new layer. Name this new layer back rectangle layer. On the black rectangle layer

Right click and choose rasterize

Right click again and choose create clipping mask

Right click again and duplicate layer. Name this layer White rectangle layer

In the White rectangle later right click and choose blend options, color overlay and in the white box choose white. Click ok and then ok.

Drag the image layer to the top, right click and choose create clipping mask.

Now you have the first photo collage in Photoshop. To duplicate the clipping mask shift and select the white, black and image layer, right click and select duplicate.

This will create more photo collage frames for photoshop.
If you want multiple photos in the Photoshop collage open another image in photoshop. Drag the new image into the layers box duplicate the white and black layers and select the new photo for that collage.

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