How to Edit Fall Images in Photoshop and PSE – ColorFall Photoshop Action Collection

Watch as I show you how to edit your images from raw to Fall completely in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements using our ColorFall Photoshop Actions available at

You can view more before and after images here:

Included in this collection are 30 Adjustable Editing Actions which include the following:

-Clean Base: Turn your raw photos from drab to fab with this starter action (includes 10 image editing actions) for a Clean Base.

-5 Fall Transformation editing actions: September Equinox (adds a tinge of Fall, while still keeping some greenery in your image for that just turning Fall look), October Foliage, November Tree Trunk, Marigold Glitter, and Autumn Fire that add additional colors for your already there Fall images, or transforms your images completely for a ColorFall look. Also included are 5 brush-on actions for a more customized look and for those using PSE 11-12 (this software does not offer the color range option). You can mix and match these.

-Color Cast Remover: This action helps fight against color that may be cast on your subjects due to the bright green grass/trees. This can also be used to help match other areas of your image you wish to match with your fall look.

-Lush: This action adds a soft and magical look to your image. You may use it to soften your entire image for a fine art look or just your background.

-5 Color Tone editing actions: Each color tone action includes 5-8 color tone recipes to add additional oohs and ahhs to your images. Included are Apple Pie, Dawn’s Reveal, Frolic, Autumn Muse, and Maple Kiss.

-Rich Matte and ColorFall Haze: Add a more artistic look to your images with rich matting and soft haze.

-Paint on Depth, Paint on Color, No More Dull, and Vignette: Add final vignetting, more color, a pop, and depth.

-ColorFall Flare: Add a lush flare for gorgeous soft light.

-5 ColorFall Flare editing actions: Further customize your flares with editing actions that give you the ability to transform and perfectly size them for your images, add a dramatic Golden hour look, more color or change it’s color completely.

-Tools: Helping actions including re-sizing, sharpening for the web and more for a faster workflow.

Images are courtesy of Timonko and L&L Photography

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