How to Create Fake Water & Add Liquid Texture to Photos | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial by Temperate Sage

Stock textures used in this video can be purchased at my Etsy photography store:


This tutorial’s difficulty rating: Difficult, due to refined decision-making needed.

In this tutorial, we take an image that has no water, and add false pools of water that look believable (including reflection and warping). These water pools are a combination of Photoshop brush painting, textures from our Etsy shop, and light overlays.

Tools I used for this video:
Added Light Textures (purchase here:
Image: Adjustments: Brightness and Contrast
Image: Adjustments: Hue and Saturation
Layers Window: Blend Modes
Layer Masks
Tool Bar: Color Palette
Tool Bar: Brush
Filter: Liquify
Filter: Distort: Wave
Tool Bar: Blur Tool
Filter: Blur: Gaussian Blur
Image: Adjustments: Selective Color
Tool Bar: Burn Tool: Shadows

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