Custom Star Brush – Photoshop Tutorial

This is a tutorial for creating a custom star brush that can be used for highlight and sparkle effects in your Photoshop CC 2015 images.

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***Star Brush***

1. Create a new document 500 x 500 @ 150DPI, white background, name the file “Star Brush Master”
2. Make sure your foreground and background colors are the default Black & White (D), with black as your foreground color
3. Create a new layer and add guide lines at the center of the image both horizontally and vertically
4. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Feather=25px, Anti-aliased=CHECKED, Style=Fixed Size, Width=100px, Height=350px
5. Click to create the ellipse, then click and drag it to the center
6. Fill with foreground color (Alt+Backspace)
7. Deselect (CTRL+D) and hide guides (CTRL+H)
8. Transform the ellipse (CTRL+T) and make it 5% wide
9. Duplicate the layer (CTRL+J)
10. Transform the new layer (CTRL+T) and rotate it 90 degrees (Shift+Rotate) or type 90 into the degree option box in the Options Palette
11. Merge the two layers (CTRL+E), name the layer “Basic Star”
12. Duplicate the layer (CTRL J), Transform (CTRL+T) rotate and shrink (45 degrees and 60% size). Rename the layer “Inner Star” and move it under the Basic Star layer
13. Create a new layer above “Basic Star” layer. Rename layer “Center”
14. Select Brush tool, soft round brush @ 45 size Mode=Normal, Opacity and Flow 100%
15. Click once to create a black dot, switch to the Move Tool (V), select all (CTRL+A) and center the dot using the icons in the Options Palette
16. With the entire document still selected go to Edit – Define Brush Preset and name your new star brush
17. You’ll find your new brush at the bottom of your brush palette

***Flare Ring***

1.To create a flare ring first create a new layer and name it “RING”, use the ellipse tool to make a black circle, transform the selection (CTRL+T) to 80% its original size, delete the selection, and deselect (CTRL+D). Then transform the layer again (CTRL+T) to shrink the ring to a size you think looks good then change the layer opacity to 25%

Congratulations, you can now create as many unique custom star brushes as your heart desires.

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