Creating Actions in Photoshop

Creating Actions in Photoshop is one of the first things I learnt how to do when I started playing around in Photoshop.

What is a Photoshop Action?

A Photoshop Action is a set of commands that have been recorded and applied to a file or a bunch of files.    An action will help automate tasks in Adobe Photoshop.  For example, when a school photographer takes pictures and they have thousands of orders for photo retouching, photoshop actions are a great option for them.  They can record the steps once and apply it to thousands of images with a few clicks.  Just think of how much time is saved by the photographer when he uses an action.

Recording a Photoshop Action

The Actions panel is where you will save, load, record, play, edit and delete the actions that you are going to use.  In order to open the Actions Panel you will choose Window and then Actions.

To create a new action:

  1. click on the Create New Set button
  2. then name it whatever you want.
  3. Click record.
  4. Make all the changes that you want.
  5. Choose File>Save As and save the file.
  6. Close the image.
  7. Click on the Stop button (the square) at the bottom of the Actions Panel to stop recording.

Playing an Action

To play a previously saved Action on one image:

  1. Open the image you want to apply the action to.
  2. In the Actions panel, select the action you want to perform on the image and press play.

The Photoshop Action is automatically applied to the image.

To play a saved Action to a batch of images:

  1. Make sure all of the images you want to use the action on are open and active.
  2. Choose File> Automate > Batch
  3. In the play area of the dialog box, select My Actions from the set tab and choose the action you want to perform.
  4. Choose opened files from the source tab and leave the destination set to None and click OK.



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