Collage tutorial Graphic design. Fantasy artwork creation Photoshop tips

Photoshop and Gimp tutorials, Graphic design tips and tricks. Airbrushing effects. Learn how to apply effects manipulate photos. Become a graphic designer. Learn photo manipulation. Airbrushing techniques, Layer modes, Hue Saturation control, Level settings, Curve adjustments. Color pallets.

Media credits. I want to thank the Musicians and Photographers for letting me used their awesome creations!

You can download the same exact photos that I use in the video and follow along!

Music tracks: Ambient Pills by Zeropage

The model by: Bodog

The mountains CC0 Public Domain

Turbulent clouds CC0 Public Domain

Blood 1
Johanne et Carole Brunet

Blood 2 CC0 Public Domain

Blood 3 CC0 Public Domain

Earth planet CC0 Public Domain

Lightning CC0 Public Domain

Hair 1 CC0 Public Domain

Hair 2
Beny Shlevich
With Wind In Her Hair

Stars nebula 1 CC0 Public Domain

Stars nebula 2 CC0 Public Domain

And last but not least the smoky haze by William Warby

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