Separate an Image from Background using pen tool in Photoshop bangla tutorial part 01

In this tutorial I will show you two of my favourite ways of removing backgrounds from image in Adobe Photoshop CC. The first way is using the Magic Wand Tool this way really works best for images with a more simple background e.g one plain colour as shown in the video. This way is very […]

Learn How to Create a Blurred Bokeh Background Effect in Adobe Photoshop | Dansky

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#43 Color Matching with Background In adobe Photoshop

How to Match color with Background in adobe Photoshop. In this video Disused Match Color and Equalize in Adobe Photoshop. Please watch 01 to 42 Basic Photoshop video for Better Understand about Photoshop and if you are starting today to learn Photoshop. These video classes / tutorials are for beginners in Hindi. Photo Used in […]

Breaking Bad background – Tutorial Photoshop

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Photoshop Tutorial | How to change background & Photo Manipulation

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How to Repair / Fix a photo problem Background in Photoshop CS5 CS6 CC Tutorial

How to fix a problem background. Many great photos are ruined by a problem in the background, here is how to solve that. ► Be a Photoshop Expert – Click Here: ◄ ____________________________________ In this Photoshop tutorial I show you how to solve one of these problems in a wedding photograph. This comprehensive video […]

What?! Foreground & Background Colors in Photoshop CC

Check out more of my tutorials here – SPONSOR – WP Engine: and use code “SPEEDUP” for 20% off! INSTAGRAM & MORE: DESCRIPTION: There is much more to the foreground and background color picker than meets the eye. In this quick tutorial we’ll dive deeper into just what you can […]

Photoshop Tutorial : How to Edit Indoor Portrait(Add Soft Lights&Blur Background With Bokeh)

Hi Every One,Today I’m going to show You How to Edit Your Indoor Portait Photo By Adding Blur To Background And Soft Light And Playnig With Adjesment ——- Don’t forget to Subscribe My Channel —- Photo&Edit : Maten Tahir __________________ Follow My Pages On FB: ****** On Insta : Related Posts:Photoshop Tutorial : […]

Photoshop Elements Remove Background Objects, how to fix pictures in PSE 11 12 13 Tutorial

How to Remove background objects and People on difficult surfaces. ► Be a Photoshop Elements Expert – Click Here: ◄ __________________________________________ This comprehensive video takes you step-by-step through the complete process from beginning images clear through to the final composite image. This training demo was recorded in Photoshop Elements 13 but the techniques used […]

Photoshop Banner/Header Background Tutorial

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