Basic 3D Text Effects Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop CC (Part 1)

Hello ! everyone in this video tutorial I’m showing you the basic 3D text effects using adobe photoshop cc.
If you want to know how to make 3d text in photoshop cc ?
then watch this adobe photoshop tutorial.
this photoshop tutorials for beginners if you new in adobe photoshop cc the watch this video tutorial.
watch the photoshop tutorials to learn the basic 3d effects in adobe photoshop.
I’m using adobe photoshop cc if you use the older version of adobe photoshop like cs5 or cs6 it’s ok here some basic difference between the photoshop cc and adobe photoshop cs5 or adobe photoshop cs6 but the features are same.
to understand my steps you must use adobe photoshop cc the latest version of photoshop.
You can download adobe photoshop cc from here I give the download link here below.

download adobe photoshop cc

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