Animation in Photoshop Step-by-Step: #1 Setup, Sketching and Lining

Is commentation even a word I don’t think it is

In an attempt to help people out, I decided to show my step-by-step process when creating an animation, starting with the setup, sketching and lining as shown in this video.

The next videos will include:
#2 – Colouring, shading/lighting
#3 – Compiling and editing in after effects
– Lip syncing
– in depth Photoshop animation basics

I hope this wasn’t too fast, I wanted to fit a lot in a short time because I didn’t want to scare with a long tutorial, but in hindsight it may be a little fast! If you have any more questions related to this video, I’ll try to answer them.
If a lot of people want it I’ll make a slower, more in-depth video about animation in Photoshop as well.

I hope to upload some more throughout this week, but they’ll be more coming over the course of the next few months, depending on how quickly I can work on them. It’s summer break in 4 weeks, so I’ll have more time then if not before :’)

Program: Photoshop CS6 EXTENDED
Recording Program: Open Broadcaster Software
Editing Program: Premiere CS6
Music: ‘Stellar Formation’ – Starbound OST

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